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Online Driving Lessons

Kev is able to combine his coaching skills with his in-depth knowledge of driving tuition to help you set driving goals, identify any gaps in your driving knowledge and understanding and challenge unhelpful thinking and beliefs that may be the cause of nerves and anxiety.  

As an A grade driving instructor and one of the highest qualified instructor trainers Kev has combined all his knowledge into a series of online driving lessons.

The aim is to help you continue learning through periods of lockdown and during the expected backlog when you may be on a waiting list before starting driving lessons.  These online sessions will give you a different perspective on learning to drive and you will then be able to apply your new knowledge when you do start driving lessons.  Kev trialed online sessions with his students during November and December 2020 and feedback was great!

The online driving lesson that Kev did was truly revolutionary to make learning to drive still possible virtually in this strange time we are in. Kev made the lesson really interactive through a great presentation and encouraging conversation by giving people the chance to give their views and ask questions. It helped build on what you have done in your lessons but considering it from a different perspective. It was like a great Kev driving lesson but over zoom. Cannot recommend Kev and these amazing innovative online lessons highly enough.
online driving lessons basic junctions
online driving lessons complex junctions

Are you:

  • a learner driver frustrated that driving lessons have stopped?
  • a driver who would like to increase your driving confidence?
  • or aged 16+ who would like to get a head start before starting driving lessons?

If so our online driving lessons have been created especially for you!  And you do not need to be taking practical driving lessons with me to take part.  Everyone is welcome!

Each online Zoom session lasts for one hour and focuses on a different topic, helping you to:

* Gain a better understanding of roadcraft, which you can then apply later in-car

* Identify gaps in your road knowledge and understanding

* Consider and think about different driving scenarios 

* Improve and inform your decision making and choices while driving

* Learn about driving from a different perspective which can then be applied in-car

This is a very useful way of showing a new or ‘old’ driver the rules of the road in a more practical situation than reading a book and prepares students for everyday situations that they will come across whilst driving. Advanced knowledge and awareness is great to have before lessons. What a brilliant idea you have come up with Kev and I hope it’s very successful. I would definitely recommend the course or the parts that you’re less confident with.
online driving lessons meeting traffic
online driving lessons reversing
online driving lessons driving test
online driving lessons roundabouts