fleet training in Leighton Buzzard

Fleet Training Leighton Buzzard

I can assist your company with all your fleet training needs.  Benefits of fleet training include: 

  • Educating your drivers on how their driving behaviour affects other road users and so improving your company reputation.
  • Encouraging your drivers to make better decisions and planning their journeys to improve productivity
  • Reduced running costs of fuel, insurance and vehicle repairs with effective coaching techniques to save your business money

Company drivers have an increased risk of being involved in an RTA due to extended time on the road. Their risk increases from 1 in 7 for a normal driver to a 1 in 3 chance of being in an accident. Since the introduction of the 2008 Corporate Manslaughter and Homicide Act, there is a greater emphasis on Senior Manager responsibility.

I am able to offer a tailored service to both small and large companies to meet your fleet training needs. With the support of other trainers, who are also trained to the highest standards you can rely on us to meet your targets.  All trainers in my network are: 

  • Fleet registered with DVSA
  • Btec 4 Professional Award in Coaching for Driver Development
  • Tri-Coaching Trainers 
  • DriverMetrics® accredited coach 


Driver behaviour is the biggest contributing factor in 95% of road incidents. The core research underpinning the DriverMetrics® is the Driver Risk Index™ (DRI) which is predictive of crash involvement and was developed by Dr. Lisa Dorn at Cranfield University. 

In 2014 I attended the DriverMetrics® accreditation course, delivered personally by Dr. Lisa Dorn at Cranfield University. I am now a DriverMetrics® accredited coach delivering Insight into Action™ Driver Coaching sessions. 

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